Buying ZYN to the UK after Brexit

There are countless nicotine pouch brands on the market, but few are as popular as ZYN vs VELO. Made by the biggest names in the industry - British American Tobacco and Swedish Match, both have lots to offer. But how do they compare? To find out how these two bestselling brands stack up against each other, keep reading this article, in which we explore their key features, similarities, and differences.


Head-to-Head: VELO vs ZYN

Both brands are nicotine pouches, so they share many similar qualities, such as being tobacco-free, all-white, discreet, and fresh. However, being made by different companies with different goals, they are also unique. See below for the 4 key features that set them apart:

  1. Nicotine and flavour release: One of the main differences between these brands is their nicotine and flavour release speeds. VELO is known for its rapid and intense onset, caused by the pouches' high moisture content and pH. ZYN, on the other hand, is more gradual when it comes to giving off taste and a buzz as the pouches are dryer.
  2. Formats: VELO and ZYN both come in slim and mini formats. However, they look and feel different. VELO’s slim pouches are narrower and longer than ZYN’s slightly shorter, more plump versions. ZYN’s mini pouches, one of the brand's most popular products, are fairly wide and flat compared to VELO’s. But both are equally as discreet.
  3. Strengths: VELO comes in strengths of 4 mg/pouch up to 10.9 mg/pouch, whereas ZYN starts at 3 mg/pouch and maxes out at 11.2 mg/pouch.
  4. Portion materials: VELO’s portion materials are somewhat silkier than ZYN’s more paper-like but perfectly soft wrappers. VELO’s are also moist, due to the higher moisture content.

VELO vs ZYN: Who Chooses Which?

So, which user chooses VELO and which chooses ZYN? Those who prefer a quick hit of satisfaction often opt for BAT’s moister, more primed VELO, whereas users looking for a steadier, longer-lasting experience choose ZYN. In terms of flavour, it comes down to preference, as both brands offer a similar selection. However, it’s common to find those that are more adventurous when it comes to taste to pick ZYN, for its more experimental flavours, like tobacco and bellini.

The Manufacturers: British American Tobacco and Swedish Match

Behind every great brand is a great manufacturer. For VELO, this is British American Tobacco, and for ZYN, this is Swedish Match. Both manufacturers produce their products in Sweden to incredibly high standards using the latest technology and production methods and enforcing strict quality control. Both companies have been around since the early 1900s. However, they started out by making different products. BAT began with cigarettes and Swedish Match with snus - the inspiration for nicotine pouches.